Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today in pictures

 My first Dolly, all stitched up and headed to her new owner all the way in Oregon. 

Frumpy, sickly mom, and excited little girl (note the blurry arms, she was waving the like crazy!), headed to the swimming pool for a soak and good long shower (only short showers here at home due to the water situation).
Yeah she really eats raw zucchini....

Trying to get some real food and liquid in me. It seems I have food poisoning from the restaurant last night. NOT FUN. Applesauce, Miso soup (with Quinoa) and Chamomile Citrus Tea. My gut is still bubbly, and crampy, but it stayed down. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow
 A sleepy little girl after a long day, and a pretty good bonk on the head. All better after a cuddle with mom.

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