Sunday, September 28, 2008

Great Weekend

I was pretty bummed about this weekend, I finally didn't have a football game, but since i didn't take work off i was going to miss out on a hitchhiking adventure to Salt Lake with Anthony, and our Couch surfer John. I had to spend my Weekend in Logan, Working. How lame is that?

But Alas, Ellen texted me Friday and said she wanted to come up for the BYU vs USU Hockey Game! I had to work instead of the game, but she had a great time with my room mates, and when i got off work last night Ellen and Nate Picked me up.

We had a great time watching a movie and sleeping on the roof, Plus Ellen bought these sweet prints off of Etsy. Now i am glad i didn't go to Salt Lake with Anthony.

All i can think about is Me and Ellen's upcoming trips to San Francisco and Canada. I am so stoked to finally be doing something Exciting. This is what i live for, not sitting in Logan. I know college is important but there has to be a more exciting way of learning. I'm ready to get out in the world and learn things first hand.

I am pretty sure that i am going to Move to Sugarhouse next summer with Ellen, and Transfer to SLCC or UVU. I would have a blast with Ellen, would have a better job, and could spend less time at school, and more time traveling, but would still be working towards my Bachelors. We would have the greatest little apartment, would go rock climbing and snowboarding all the time, and have fun learning how to live more healthily and sustainably.
I think it is meant to be, but i guess we will see what happens.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

When should you buy organic?

As an environmentalist, I am a big supporter of buying organic, but I often wonder what foods do i really need to worry about, and which foods are not worth the extra pennies it costs me to buy organic. Serously, with how many bananas my 7 room mates and i go through,
sometimes It is hard as college students to take the green route.
I was very interested to see a post on apartment therapy about this very thing.
(Bananas Aren't on the list, yay!)

Below are 12 fruits and veggies that the Department of Agriculture announced to have higher levels of pesticides, even after washing. The results are based on an analysis of government tests by the
Environmental Working Group (EWG), a research and advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.
Here are the must-buy organic fruits:
Grapes, imported

Bell peppers
Don't worry about going organic with these fruits:

These generally don't have pesticide residue.


Take a look at these great bikes from Dutchibikes. They are great for riding around town and having fun. Really classy, with baskets and saddlebags. They have some really cool designs as well, some bikes with giant basket that you can even put kids in!

This is the bike that really caught my eye! what a crazy desi
gn! who would have thought of putting 7 people on one bike? and then to have them all facing each other? they call it the conference bike. I want to get one and drive it around Logan, It would be hilarious!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Couchsurfing, The way to travel

This is my all time favorite website. It is probably one of the mot useful websites in the world. It saves you mountains of money, you make some amazing friendships, and gives you access to the entire world.

It's a network of people, all over the world, people in any city you would want to visit, or wouldn't want to for that matter. You request to stay at people's houses, instead of spending loads of money to stay at a hotel or hostel while on vacation. but that isn't all it is about. It is about meeting people, experiencing different cultures first hand, and it's about learning, and teaching.

It's completely legitimate and reliable. People who have couchsurfed, or hosted surfers have reviews posted on their site from people they met or stayed with, that tells what kind of host or guest they were. The reviews are either positive or negative, and are on their profile for the world to see. If you want to you can become a verified member, which means you give them your credit card information (with the option of donating money) and they verify that you are who you say, and your address is legitimate. The website also keeps a record of everything that goes on in it's database. every message that is sent is recorded, so that if there ever were a missing person, they would have information liek who they last stayed with, and where they were supposed to go next. You would be completely amazed at how widely used this website is, and how not scary it is.

I have personally hosted 6 or more guests in my house. They are always very generous and polite, and often they offer to make you a great dinner or take you out in exchange for a bed, and a tour of town. It is always fun and interesting. We have shared music, and movies, gone hiking, gone to parties, and done a lot of other awesome things. One guy, Bruce, a Scientist from Nebraska was here for a conference on the decline of Aspen Trees, and he brought us an entire fridge full of fresh produce and bread! i have never seen so much fruits and veggies in one fridge in my life.
In 3 weeks i am traveling to San Francisco with my best friend ellen, and guess how much $ i am spending on acoomodations? $0.00!! We are staying in a house of 3 room mates in the bay area, and have a promise of a sweet party. Another guy named John is meeting us in berkeley, showing us around town, and taking us to dinner. What an experience it will be to see San Francisco from a local's perspective!

I'm planning a giant snowboarding trip to Canada for my Christmas break, and have organized 3 places to stay already!

Check it out! It could be the best experience of your life!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Green Cleaning!

These are great, i just ordered some!

They are Biodegradable cleaning cloths and just one cloth takes the place of 15 ROLLS, i repeat 15 ROLLS of paper towels! Sounds like a dream come true. These are so much better for the enviornment, and your wallet.

you can order 4 of them for about 5 dollars, or you can subscribe to them. They will send you 8 cloths every 3 months. They claim that if you use them right, you wont need more than that.

I will try them out and let you know