Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm kinda trippin

I can't really decide which sounds worse
Birthing without pain meds
Or with an Epidural.

The idea of an Epidural honestly terrifies me and makes me queasy.
maybe that's silly but I have had my blood taken a total of 3 times
and had 1 IV ever in my whole life.
The idea of a catheter in my back, and not being able to get up freaks me out.
but I'm not very confident about my pain threshold, and how I would manage it without the epidural.
I actually think I'm not going to handle it well either way.

We'll see.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby H

No one ever told me how alien a Baby moving inside your belly feels, so im telling you now it feels alien. Yes I'm using alien as an adjective here.

It's also very reassuring to feel her kicking and moving constantly. I love it, even when it keeps me up at night. I'm happy to stay awake feeling that.

The baby room, or corner I guess I should say, since she will be residing in our room, is really coming along. Sometimes I think it's pretty silly that people spend so much time and money making their babies living space so perfect. After all, at least in our case, it will probably only be her living space for 2 years at the most, but im still getting pretty carried away with the details of this and that. Wanting to repaint AGAIN, stressing over colors, searching the internet high and low for the perfect crib bedding, art prints, and a doll (every little girl needs a doll). Mike is such a good sport, even though he has put his foot down about the repainting.

I've been hearing the name Hazel being used more and more. Kind of bums me out, but we were following a trend by picking old lady names I suppose. We're still going with it.

Someday I will take photos of something, and post them,
but not today.