Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm kinda trippin

I can't really decide which sounds worse
Birthing without pain meds
Or with an Epidural.

The idea of an Epidural honestly terrifies me and makes me queasy.
maybe that's silly but I have had my blood taken a total of 3 times
and had 1 IV ever in my whole life.
The idea of a catheter in my back, and not being able to get up freaks me out.
but I'm not very confident about my pain threshold, and how I would manage it without the epidural.
I actually think I'm not going to handle it well either way.

We'll see.

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Sterling Bo said...

I wanted to go natural, ended up being convinced to do the epidural, wigged out as soon as it was in, they undid it, and I ended up going natural. If you prepare for it and don't kid yourself, you would do fine. Just remember, your body is SO capable of anything you want it to do! Epidurals are safe, and so is going natural. Just make an informed decision, and be prepared for your plan to go out the window! (If you decide on epidural, take a lamaze class anyway in case you don't have time for that epidural)