Friday, December 31, 2010

christmas, new years, and birthdays

Christmas time was semi-anticlimactic around here. Not that i didn't enjoy it, or appreciate all of the wonderful gifts. I did, I loved every bit of it. It's just that we've both been working so much. Remember the sweater that my mom was making our stockings out of? They turned out great!

We didn't have a huge pile of presents, but I think The set up looked pretty great.

And my gift to myself: This pretty wallet!
Im notorious for taking my cash/cards/IDs out of my wallet, because it doesn't fit in my pocket, and then I forget to put them back, and leave them in pants and coats, and go days without them. I decided it was high time for a smaller wallet. I found this one at Mary Jane's in Park City. LOVE THAT STORE!

Winter around here is so picturesque:

Mike had a little mishap with the snowmobile. I actually think it was partly my fault. I hit my leg really hard on the Throttle, and the next day when mike went to turn the sled around It just took off. The throttle stuck, he tumbled off of the back (he was fine) and it hit this tree.

I've been hiking in and out every day lately. Mike takes the sled in the morning, and I walk out. It's been dumping here, so I took the opportunity to take out the new snowshoes.

Mike's Birthday is Jan 3rd. I got him a really rad flask from Urban outfitters. He's got an old Stanley thermos, and the other day I was browsing through, and came across the same brand of thermos. It's classic, I love the nostalgic Items you come across from that store!

I've been stressing over what else to get him. I gave him clothes and stuff for Christmas, which I'm sure he loved, but he works pretty much every day, and doesn't really get a chance to wear much besides work clothes, so I decided not to waste more money on that.
He kept telling me to get baby stuff, so I gave in. Cna't argue with baby shopping, and it kind of feels like my birthday too. Megan and I spent the day at the outlets, and then I came home and wrapped it. I should wait to let him open them until his birthday, but im so impatient, I'll probably make him open them tonight.

And look at that tummy!
That kid has been kicking around like crazy
and I love it.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Do You Know Etsy?

Etsy, a website to buy and sell Handmade and Vintage goods. It's been called the world's most vibrant handmade marketplace, as well as the Handcrafters Amazon.
What I love about it is knowing that I am buying something from someone, not a factory. It's nice to have a unique piece of jewelery, or art print that you know someone put some real time and creative effort into. I treasure those items more than I would something from a store.
I also love the antiques that you can find on here. Ive run accross many things that remind me of my childhood, like the same dinosaur sheets my mom made a quilt from for my brothers, and the old school playskool barn and zoo toys, or Dick and Jane books, which I learned to read from.
I love antiques, and I think buying old things is sometimes better than new.
Here are some of my favorite Etsy finds

 And this print, from the same shop

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We are destined for butterflies, flowers, tea parties, and everything pink
and we are thrilled.
To celebrate we bought this cute little sleeper
and then my sister in law kristy gave me this little vest that I gave to her when Ella was smaller
Mike hung them up together in the  living room next to our tree
and everytime we look at it we both get so excited:)
SO cute!

 Christmas at our house:
we couldn't find our christmas stuff, but there wasn't much of it anyways. We decided since we needed new stockings, we would look around and see if there was aything special we could make them from. Mike found this old sweater he has been keeping for sentimental reasons. The stockings will be perfect.
 Here is our tree. simple and pretty. We decided we would each pick out a new ornament every year, so over the years it will become more and more festive.

Here are some more gret Ideas for christmas:

I'm constantly thinking about home improvement and decorating around here, and am constantly saving photos that i find around the internet. Everytime we decide on a project in the house I ponder over paint colors. I only recently realized, while browsing theough the images I've saved on my computer over the years That I don't need colored walls! I want White. Practically ALL of the photos are of white interiors.

So as soon as we get a chance, I decided we are painting our house white.