Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mike and Kaelee's Gift Guide.....or mostly Kaelee's, but still a little of Mike's

Now, I am perfectly able to admit, I want too much. Mike on the other hand is older an wiser, and says he has everything he needs. He is not into Material things as much as I am.

When it comes down to needs though, stuff and money for Baby is top priority. That is what we could really use, so we will start there.
Children's books. new, secondhand, really old, it doesn't matter. We want to have lots and lots of children's books.
We are sorry to seem picky, but we don't want plastic toys. We would prefer wooden toys, and soft toys. they can totally be second hand, we are all for it. We really have a tiny house, and don't want to be toy collectors. We don't need many toys, and are going to be pretty selective about what we keep.  
Disney movies, especially the classics. We don't have any, and need to start collecting.

You can never go wrong with gift cards, to ANY of these places.
of course  the ones we can use the most would be from the stores that carry baby items as well.

for Kaelee:

I found this Adorable yellow hat here
Unique things, but simple. Like a pretty mug or vase, a simple dishtowel, pot holder, or trivet. Candles, Soaps, Perfume in glass bottles, vases, jewelery.
 Things I can display on my shelves.

I like birds
Light colors
and White things.
Think whimsical
Or antique

Anything from Anthropologie
We don't really have much in the way of holiday decor, and although I know we would have an entire year before we could use it, It would be a great holiday gift.
here are a few others:

I have been coveting these for quite a few years. I would say they are number one on my list.
Any or all of the Penguin Classics Hardcover collection designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith
they can also be found on amazon. They're not only all great books, but they would look so pretty on the bookshelf, or nightstand.

As for Mike, He needs a new drill. A nice one though, A DeWalt or Mikita.
An orbital sander. Ours bit the dust. 
He can always use warm socks, Smartwool Ski socks for winter, and thin synthetic cycling socks for summer. Or a watch. His is all scratched. We saw some at Buckle that he liked.
We also saw some wallets there.
And I almost forgot, and REI gift card will always work.

so, if you need a gift idea, those are some pretty good ones.

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