Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We are destined for butterflies, flowers, tea parties, and everything pink
and we are thrilled.
To celebrate we bought this cute little sleeper
and then my sister in law kristy gave me this little vest that I gave to her when Ella was smaller
Mike hung them up together in the  living room next to our tree
and everytime we look at it we both get so excited:)
SO cute!

 Christmas at our house:
we couldn't find our christmas stuff, but there wasn't much of it anyways. We decided since we needed new stockings, we would look around and see if there was aything special we could make them from. Mike found this old sweater he has been keeping for sentimental reasons. The stockings will be perfect.
 Here is our tree. simple and pretty. We decided we would each pick out a new ornament every year, so over the years it will become more and more festive.

Here are some more gret Ideas for christmas:

I'm constantly thinking about home improvement and decorating around here, and am constantly saving photos that i find around the internet. Everytime we decide on a project in the house I ponder over paint colors. I only recently realized, while browsing theough the images I've saved on my computer over the years That I don't need colored walls! I want White. Practically ALL of the photos are of white interiors.

So as soon as we get a chance, I decided we are painting our house white.

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