Sunday, September 28, 2008

Great Weekend

I was pretty bummed about this weekend, I finally didn't have a football game, but since i didn't take work off i was going to miss out on a hitchhiking adventure to Salt Lake with Anthony, and our Couch surfer John. I had to spend my Weekend in Logan, Working. How lame is that?

But Alas, Ellen texted me Friday and said she wanted to come up for the BYU vs USU Hockey Game! I had to work instead of the game, but she had a great time with my room mates, and when i got off work last night Ellen and Nate Picked me up.

We had a great time watching a movie and sleeping on the roof, Plus Ellen bought these sweet prints off of Etsy. Now i am glad i didn't go to Salt Lake with Anthony.

All i can think about is Me and Ellen's upcoming trips to San Francisco and Canada. I am so stoked to finally be doing something Exciting. This is what i live for, not sitting in Logan. I know college is important but there has to be a more exciting way of learning. I'm ready to get out in the world and learn things first hand.

I am pretty sure that i am going to Move to Sugarhouse next summer with Ellen, and Transfer to SLCC or UVU. I would have a blast with Ellen, would have a better job, and could spend less time at school, and more time traveling, but would still be working towards my Bachelors. We would have the greatest little apartment, would go rock climbing and snowboarding all the time, and have fun learning how to live more healthily and sustainably.
I think it is meant to be, but i guess we will see what happens.

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