Friday, March 16, 2012

Friendly Bugs, Blogging, Time, and Crafting.....

There is a ladybug crawling across my bed. I have been spotting them all over my house lately, and I am on the fence about it. I love ladybugs, but as beautiful as they are they are still bugs. Bugs that have seemingly found a good place to nest in my little home. They are harmless, and for now I am just letting them roam. Perhaps I need not look at them as bugs. Bugs are pests, but Ladybugs aren't, right? I will look at them as little friends and roommates.

This blog has become a little bit of project for me. In the past I posted now and then, but I'm sure you have noticed the regularity here lately. I set a lot of goals that usually fall by the wayside, and I didn't necessarily set a goal to write here more often, but that's just what has happened and I am going to stick with it. It feels good. It's therapeutic. It's a more productive way of spending all of this nursing time than just surfing the web (which I do plenty of). I feel like I could be up doing something else like cleaning or sewing, but too often Hazel wakes up as soon as I sneak away, and I have to hurry down the ladder and cuddle back up next to her. All she wants right now is for me to be there when she wakes up, so I am trying harder to be there. That means a lot more cuddling, and a lot more internet time.

I just collected all of the supplies I need to make a little white Easter dress to go under the beautiful pink and yellow sweater my mother just finished knitting for Hazel. I'm also preparing to make a Birthday dress, and a doll with a matching Birthday dress. I have no Idea when I will find the time to complete those things. It seems that in all of my spare time I just want to be with Mike. I miss him. He works and works, and I don't want to waste any of the time I have with him. Perhaps I will send him on a little Hike with Hazel tomorrow and I will make a game plan for these little projects of mine. I have two months. It seems like a lot of time, but with how quickly the past ten months have flown, I'm sure that next two will go by in the blink of an eye.

  Dress inspiration: 
Definitely  peter pan collar, and the linen I got is close to this color. A little more coral I think.
And I'm thinking short so she can crawl around without getting her knees caught up, and I have some crocheted, vintage-style lace that I want to put near the bottom, and on each sleeve. I'm also loving the little pleats that you cn barely see on the front of this dress.
 And perhaps for the white Easter dress, something like this with tiny fluttery sleeves:

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