Sunday, March 11, 2012

On Slowing Down

It's funny how often I read a blog post and think I wish my life was like that. The truth is that when I take the time to notice, and stop being so hard on myself my life is like that.

My morning cup of tea would be a peaceful, spiritual moment to reflect and appreciate life if I would slow down and pause for a moment. Just sip, and feel the warmth spread throughout my body, and be happy.

I do marvel at the beautiful skin, and the rising and falling of my sleeping baby's belly as she breathes. I hold her and snuggle her, skin to skin, and it is better that any human contact I have ever experienced before.

When My husband comes home from work I am so happy to see him, and I do enjoy watching him be a good daddy to Hazel It's hilarious how much my all of my friends children adore him, and how he just lets them climb all over him like a jungle gym

I notice the look in Hazel's little eyes, the wonder when she is discovering something new, I see that little brain working away, and I am happy. 

It's all about noticing those moments, and recording them. I recently heard the quote "Comparison is the thief of joy" and I guess in some ways it's true. When you turn it around and instead of wishing for those experiences, you commit to appreciating the moments in your own life that are wonderful and beautiful and amazing, then it is lovely to read about other people's experiences and think, Yeah I feel that too.

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Samantha said...

I'm kinda the same except I find my Joy in the comparison. I, like you am so busy that I don't realize what wonderful moments I'm getting until someone else says something that makes me think "oh, I had a similar experience!". As I think about it I feel those wonderful feelings and memories coming back and am able to keep track of them because someone else makes me realize they're noteworthy not just the norms of everyday life.