Thursday, March 8, 2012

On Being a Better Wife

Have I ever told you about my amazing husband? Yeah, yeah I know I have, but really, he is fantastic.The thing is, there are so many simple things I could do to make him feel more love, more appreciation, and more respect......I just forget. I am making it a goal to value him a little bit more, and to be sure to show it. Here are a few simple ways I am going to try to make him feel important:

Try not to interrupt him
Praise him when he speaks about his accomplishments after a day of work
Don't correct him so often
Kiss and Hug him when I see him. Morning, after work in the evening, and before bed at the very least
When I am about to ask him to do something for me, instead ask what I can do for him
When he is in the room turn off the computer and put it away

When I think hard about the little things that bother him, and what I need to change, it really doesn't seem difficult. Small changes would make such a difference in our relationship, and he really deserves so much more. It's the least I can do in return for his loving support.

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