Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TJ Maxx Saved My Sanity

Despite my lack of style or fashion-sense, I do love to shop. I love to shop when I'm bored, when I have an event to go to, and especially when I am sad, frustrated, or just generally stressed out. It washes my worries away. you know how some people get drunk, or binge on junk food when they are stressed? Not me, I buy new clothes! Well, motherhood is stressful, and since we aren't millionaires I don't think I will ever be able to shop enough to alleviate the stress, but yesterday when Mike told me I could spend $50 on a project I have been planning I decided the project could wait, and I would spend the money on something cute from TJ Maxx. I did, and I feel great.

(just so you know, I got some skinny jeans, a cute dress/tunic, and a perfect black & white striped blouse)

The End

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Samantha said...

pic-tures! pic-tures! pic-tures!
(that's me chanting for pictures)