Monday, March 19, 2012

On Nourishing Our Bodies

 I can't be sure why this way of living that I am striving for is often called The simple life.  It is honestly anything but. The growing of food, the collecting of whole unprocessed ingredients, the foraging, the canning and storing, the making from scratch, the beekeeping and honey-collecting, sewing, knitting, composting.....All of that, when I could just make a quick trip to the store? That sounds much simpler to me, and yet I know that when I do the work, when I put my heart and soul into keeping a home and nourishing my family I will feel fulfilled. I will work hard, and be productive and love my life and enjoy my food and I will be able to set the example that I am hoping to set for my children. It all seems so far away though, so unattainable. I have much to learn and figure out, and I am ashamed at times of the way that things are done around here. In other words, I am not usually the one to do them. My responsibilities are neglected, and fall onto others already heavy shoulders. I say it time and time again, I am working on it. I really am. I have spent months researching, reading blogs, books, websites about diets and lifestyles, ways of living and eating. The explanations behind veganism, vegetarianism, gluten-free, egg-free, paleo, GAPS, SCD, whole foods, clean foods, nourishing traditions.The list goes on and on. I keep coming to the same conclusion: one diet and lifestyle is not right for everyone, rather, we are all different, and we all thrive upon, and are sensitive to different foods. What is right (or wrong) for one person's body is not right for the other.

Due to my lack of observation of my own eating habits, I am so very unsure about what is right for me. I do feel better since cutting down on dairy consumption, but I have this inkling that although I am diligent about replacing the calcium with calcium-rich foods, that I am missing something. I firmly believe in listening to my body, and lately it has been saying to me I need yogurt. I have struggled cutting down on eggs, but especially processed grains and gluten. I am not convinced that gluten is a problem for me, but I do know that the amount of processed wheat and flour products that is consumed in my home is far from the moderate lifestyle I am aiming for. It is so so very hard to retrain a lifetime of bad (or just different) eating habits. It is especially difficult when there is so much conflicting information coming from all sides. I am branching out. Trying new foods, replacing old ones, but too often I fall backwards, and do what is easiest. Refilling my entire pantry with different, more expensive staples is not easiest. Cooking things I have never cooked before is not easiest. Grinding my own wheat, soaking my grains overnight, baking without eggs, all not easiest. It all takes planning, practice, and diligence. Diligence, something I struggle with. I'm so anxious to have everything figured out, now! So whats a girl to do?

Anyways, I babbled on and on, but this is the actual point of my post. I stumbled upon this wonderful food blog, that is rather inspiring. Whole Family Fare is full of delicious, and nutritious recipes, many of which I can use for Hazel as well as myself and Mike. Definitely worth checking out~

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