Tuesday, March 13, 2012


 My Dear Hazel

Today you were delightful, from sun up til sun down. Your squeals and giggles brightened my day, and my life. You're energy, your speedy little crawl, how you use your feet more than your knees, and the way you balance in a crouch, almost standing. You waddle to my side on feet and hands, and you don't stop until you have clawed and climbed your way all the way up to my chest. Your mouth open wide, you yell, and slobber, and bite at me. My arms, my shoulders my face. I let you, because I simply cannot resist. You reached for daddy when you saw him and I know it mad his day. We swam, you splished, and splashed, and tried to drink the water. You watch other children with wonder and longing. You cannot wait to run and play along with them.  You are the dearest, sweetest little being that I have ever known. Thank you for today.

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Samantha said...

She seriously has the sweetest face ever! I just can't get enough of those rosy cheeks and pouty lips :)