Monday, April 30, 2012

We went on the loveliest little hike walk today with some ladies in the next canyon over (about a 15 minute drive, for once!) and some rowdy little kids. It is never easy to corral 6 five-year-olds into one nice little hiking group, and it ended up that there was always at least one kid holding the group up, and at least one child running full speed ahead, and a few adults and children scattered in between trying to keep track of everything. Between that, and a small quarrel between the dogs that may have resulted in an injury to one of them we didn't get very far. It was expected though, and fully enjoyed by all. Hazel sat happily in the backpack, sucking water out of my camel pack and watching what was going on. Eventually her head bobbed a few times and then took its place, face smushed against my shoulder, and she slept. It's nice that there are women here like me, it's just taken me a while to find them.

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