Sunday, April 8, 2012

Around last Easter a dear friend, our midwife passed away in a car wreck. This year Mike's uncle Asher died Friday night, after a few months of struggling in his old age. I don't really have much more to say about it than it is an interesting time of year to reflect upon death. I haven't had many experiences in my life with death, but I know that I will. I will witness many of the people I love, who I have known my entire life, leaving this world. I dread it. It scares me all the time. I know that you never really know who you will and wont outlive, but if things go as planned and I live into my old age I have a pretty good Idea of who I will be saying goodbye to. I also know who I plan on outliving, and the idea that many many people outlive their own children terrifies me. Rocks me to my core. I didn't mean to delve into such a deep or sad or dramatic subject, but it is what I was thinking about today.

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Samantha said...

did you ever know jake woodger? He was a kid our age but he went to skyline.. he passed away a few years ago on easter too.. how crazy