Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week in Review

First off, I finally went rock climbing with Megan the other day at the climbing gym. She informed me of a spectacular weekly even there entitled "Bring a Free Friend Friday" and well, I just couldn't resist. In all honesty I have been feeling the jealousy of a schoolgirl when she talks about her weekly climbing adventures. I decided that a baby was no longer a good excuse for missing out, so I invited my father along to spend some much needed Grandpa time with Hazel. It was so refreshing to get some actual exercise after about 18 months of inexcusable laziness. In addition, I invited my friend Kelly along who I hadn't seen in probably about ten years. She used to live down the road from me in Oakley in elementary school. She was my best friend, but she moved to Lakeside, Oregon where, oddly enough, Mike built the ONLY ski lift at the resort there. An unlikely coincidence. I have to mention the dramatic event of a climber falling about 30 feet when he missed a clip-in near the top on the lead-climb wall, and his belayer failed to catch him. There was a loud sound, and everyone stopped what they were doing. It was much like onlookers at a car wreck, just staring, with the exception of my dad, the hero (aka firefighter), who had the situation completely under control. It was dramatic, but the paramedics showed up and hauled the guy out, and everyone resumed climbing. I'm Not sure, but I don't think there were any major injuries. Afterwards we headed to Tres Hombres where I chowed on the greatest seafood Chimichanga known to mankind. Go there, and get it. Chimichanga del Mar. I mean it.

This was all followed by what would normally be an hour drive back home, but in classic Hazel-style it took me no less than two stops, and and hour and a half of nursing, playing, and calming her down each time she neared the car-seat before I even left the valley. When I got on the road though, she promptly fell asleep, and I made it all the way home without a peep. I bundled her up carefully as she slept, bundled myself up, and waited for about twenty minutes for Mike to arrive home from his swing shift at work, and we all jumped on the ATV and rode the quarter of a mile from our cars to the cabin.

Superbowl Sunday! Big deal, right? I honestly have never watched football on TV. Hell, I have hardly watched it at all, though I attended hundreds of high school and college games with the marching and pep band. It is a good excuse to hang with my family though. Mike worked during the day, so Joel and I headed to Heber, picked up some steaks, and met up with Kaylee and Jesse at my brother Jake's house. My Mom and Mike joined us shortly, and then Kelly headed over after snowboarding all day. Megan came too. There was a lot of really good food, and there was more knitting at this super bowl party than at any other I've ever attended, which was the running joke. During the game though, is when the world learned about the man from Utah who blew up his home with himself and his two young sons inside. Downer for sure. After the game Mike and I stuck around to watch a few episodes of the Big Bang Theory, which we may or may not be addicted to. Hey, it's the only TV we watch, so it's excusable.

Monday Mike took the day off work. We woke up to a wonderful breakfast made by my mom, and no running water. We have had so many water issues up here this winter. One thing after another. We think this time it may be frozen for good, but Mike always has a plan. he's working on getting our 100 gallon tank set up with a 12 volt pump, and hooking it up to our house. We will have to keep it filled by portaging water, but between the four of us bringing home a 5 or 10 gallon container every time we come home, I think it'll work out. We then gathered our ski gear and went to the resort for the first time this season. I honestly forgot how much I love riding. It felt like home, being back on the mountain. Mike and I raced down the ski run, and on the lift ride up chatted about how fast we were. After riding daily for two winters in a row I somehow kept my sanity through whole winter and half of this winter without snowboarding. It is a wonder how much more I worry about things now that I am a mother. There was fear throughout my whole body as I watched small kids skiing so fast down the hill. Then I thought, "Who am I?" My mom came along and just hung out with Hazel at the bottom of the hill. They ate lunch together, and walked around the forum. I would get back to the bottom of the hill at the end of each run, anxious to make sure everything was alright. Of course it was. I'm pretty silly like that. It's not that I am worried about anything happening. It's just that I know that dealing with someone else's crying baby really is no fun for the person OR the baby, and so I see no point in forcing a situation where Hazel is fussy. When we finished, Hazel was fast asleep with my mom on a lawn chair. I thought I was stiff after rock climbing. My whole body aches, but I can't wait to get back up there. Next season I am getting my season pass and taking full advantage of it, both with Hazel on her little skis, and on Pow days with my friends or Mike. I better get my fill these next few winters before we decide to have another baby.

I spent the evening at my friend Jenna's making a spectacular birthday cake for her daughter's birthday the next day. It turned out great! Again, another late night drive home which did not go well at all.

Hazel and I slept in a bit Tuesday morning, and it was a chore to get out of bed. My eyes were just tired. I got up and got everything together for Charlee's party, bundled Hazel up and headed out. I picked up some extra stuff at the store, and arrived at the pottery studio to set up the party. It was a very cool place to have a party. In fact I'm even thinking of having a date night there with Mike. The kids got to pick out a project to paint, and then after they paint it, the studio glazes it.

there were seven kids in all, and they really enjoyed the first ten minutes of painting, but soon the kids were running about while the mothers finished the painting. The cake was fantastic. There were a few close calls with the baseball bat while the kids took turns with the pinata, but soon it broke open and prizes spilled onto the floor.

I know some parents prefer not to throw parties for their kids while they are very young, and I get that, but I honestly cannot wait for Hazel's first birthday party. I'm not planning anything extravagant or spendy, but I really enjoy creating invitations, decorations, baking cakes, and making party favors. I want to celebrate Hazel's birthday every year by creating one or two small, thoughtful, home made gifts for her, and inviting the people that are most special to her to spend the day watching her have a good time. It's not really a matter of whether or not she is going to remember it. It's an important day for her, and me as well as I get to celebrate for the rest of my life they day I became a mother.

Here area  few photos of Charlee's party:


Hollywood said...

Im really divided on the Birthday party thing. My Natalie turns 4 in a few weeks and I have nothing planned. ALL of her little friends' parents throw very extravagant parties. And with 20 little kids running around it seems to be chaos. I know I wouldn't have to do something that big. But I fear the ALL those presents are just too much. We had a party last year for 'Talie and invited 3 of her friends and requested no gifts. Everyone was floored that I said no gifts! ...But now that she IS getting to the point where she will remember, I do want her to feel very special on her Birthday and help her know that we are SO happy she is around. to pull something very special together before the 26th...

This rainbow birthday party looks like it was so fun! I love the colors- and holy shmoley on that cake! Well done! :)

kaelee said...

I definitely don't like the extravagant party idea either. I want her to know she is special. but I don't want her to think she rules the world. I think low-key parties are perfect.Three friends is still a special day. I don't think I'll ever invite twenty kids to a birthday party...or even ten. I'm thinking more about family, and a few of her little buddies. I will probably do the same and request no gifts for her, since we just don't have the space for "stuff". Also, selfishly, I want her to appreciate my handmade gifts, and I worry that if someone shows up to a party with a blinking light, noisy, plastic thing that she'll forget all about the special things I worked hard on.

Katherine X said...

I just have to say that I love the Enchiladas Del Mar from Tres Hombres! I get it every time. Except now that I know they make it chimichanga style I will have to try that next time we are in town. Life sounds fun and exciting for you guys!