Thursday, February 9, 2012

How It's Meant To Be

Things are changing around here. My once immobile daughter is now moving about her space on a constant mission. She rises slowly in the morning with a smile, and ready for play. I tickle and cuddle her for a brief moment before she gets a little bit rowdy, and I place her in her play-space with some toys. She is filled with excitement and energy, and basks in the new found freedom that crawling has awarded her. There is a flinging of objects, and a bashing of walls, a rattling of toys. Her mornings are like a little journey of discovery, which eventually leads her right back to where she started. She finds herself at the edge of the bed, a path of destruction trailing behind her, staring up at me with those little eyes asking to climb back under the covers. I scoop my child off the floor, and cuddle her up next to me again, As she settles in for her morning nap, I glance around the room at the large mess, created by such a small small person, and think to myself that this is how it's meant to be. A home filled with love, and chaos, and toys scattered about, and these calm, peaceful moments just me and my girl.

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