Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The things I said I'd never do

Before I had Hazel I would watch other women who had children. I would scrutinize their every move. It was like I had a running tally in my head of pluses and minuses. Some moms definitely struck out. As I examined these mothers and their methods I made mental notes of things I would never do as a mother. Let me tell you something; As good as it is to feel prepared, to believe that you are ready, and that you know what you are doing, until you have a kid you have no idea. Oh, and that list of things I would never do? I bet I do at least one of those things every single day.

That is my baby gnawing on an unwashed unpeeled banana. Peeled bananas get mushy all over the carpet and her clothes. An unwashed unpeeled banana that I am sure is not Organic. An unwashed unpeeled banana that most likely has pesticide residue on the peel.....and probably germs from people's germy hands.

1 comment:

Hollywood said...

I cannot even count the list of what I swore I'd never do...

there are no more rules or judgements coming from this side!

Hazel is a doll!