Saturday, January 14, 2012

Better Late then Never

Finally getting around to posting a few photos from Christmas time. There were some family festivities, which I don't have pictures of, but I do have some pictures from the month, and our quiet little Christmas morning. 

H at 8 months:
         Favorite food: Hazel hasn't taken a particular liking to any certain food, although if you hand her a pickle it will keep her occupied for a while, and if you try to take it away you WILL hear about it. Her very favorite thing to eat isn't food at all. It is any sort of paper she can get a hold of, whether it's a receipt from the store, a tag hanging from a new stuffed animal, a piece of cardboard, or a magazine.

        Favorite toy: I would have to say her green "squishy fish". A bath toy that she LOVES to chew on. It must feel really good on all the many teeth that have appeared in the last few weeks. She is also pretty fond of her felt food that her grandpa mike got her for Christmas, and wooden spoons.

         Milestones: She is so close to crawling, but still just not quite there. I think in the next few weeks though, I'll be chasing her around the house. That is exciting, and terrifying at the same time. Like I said, she has been getting so many teeth. She has four, going on eight! Every time I look in that mouth there is a new little white tooth popping through. She probably wakes up once or twice a night, but falls right back to sleep, and she takes about three naps a day.

         Very Favorite thing: Being outside. She loves it outside, and doesn't mind the cold at all. If she is even a little fussy all I have to do is take her outside and she will chill right out.

          Least favorite thing: Undoubtedly the car. She HATES the car, and the car seat with all of her might. It takes everything I have sometimes to get where we are going. I have to leave early, just in case I have to stop and comfort her because she is screaming and crying so hard. It gets pretty overwhelming at times, and has probably been the hardest thing for me since becoming a mom. Hazel is spoiled and most of the time I don't let her cry for too long, so listening to her incessant screaming in the backseat of the car breaks my heart, and has pretty nearly brought on anxiety attacks. When I do stop, and pull her out she is all sweaty from crying so hard, and sometimes shaking. Have I mentioned how much i hate this? If I time things just right, she will be either tired enough to fall asleep, or in a good enough mood to play back there, but generally after five o'clock, I know I'm screwed. I am crossing my fingers that this behavior will change soon.


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