Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh Dear

My closet needs a serious makeover
If I dressed really bad, I mean REALLY, ridiculously bad, could someone please get it on video and send it into TLC's What Not To Wear, so I can have $5,000.00 to buy rad clothes, and Stacey and Clinton to tell me what to wear?

But really. Have you ever sat in front of your FULL closet of clothes and said out loud in a really, rather whiny voice, "I have NOTHING to wear. NOTHING looks good on me."? I may have had a minor breakdown last week which began with that, was followed by throwing of clothing an hangers into a junk pile of clothes I will never wear again, and must be removed from my house, and ended in me finally putting together an ensemble, and apologizing to mike for the scene I made. Needless to say, I am frustrated with my total lack of fashion sense.


megan said...

hahaha don't throw away clothes without my consent. also... i mean... im not the best dressed out there but im sure i could come over and put together a bunch of outfits? i need to come out there anyway.

oh and my word verification for this comment is "PUBED"

Samantha said...

I think that all the time... I ask drew to nominate me. it's the most frustrating thing. I don't know about you but I had this HUGE identity crisis after I had porter because I will never have my old body back again. blah. nothing looks good when you don't like your body.

kaelee said...

I think the identity crisis for me has less to do with my body, and more to do with the fact that the old me, the me who wore all these clothes is sort of gone, and I haven't really figured out who this new me is yet. BUT the bikini's- Those are definitely going because of my body, and I'm okay with it