Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Right Now*

Red embers are glowing in the fireplace. The Christmas tree is twinkling in the corner. A humble, lovely, and uniquely wrapped stack of packages is nestled beneath. A mixture of kraft paper, twine, wooden tags, and white marker, plain white paper decorated wth red marker or bright orange duct-tape, and a little bit of silver and gold mixed in. The most perfect pile of gifts I've seen. Three woolen stockings hang on the wall. Various handmade gift projects are scattered around the room, still in progress. The water is trickling in the bathroom, to keep pipes from freezing here in the mountains. Doggies are sleeping on the floor. A fuzzy headed, not-so-little girl is cuddled cozily on my lap, in her red pink and green Christmas jammies. I'm feelin good.

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