Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Holiday Wishlist

When it comes to toys for Hazel, I'm sure you guessed that we are leaning more towards wooden, natural products. They really are some really great companies out there making wonderful, natural, simple toys that encourage imagination (the simpler the toy, the more things they can imagine it to be) as well as focus.

I'm also trying to focus more on buying either local or second-hand, and that goes for Christmas as well.
Clothing-wise, she needs warm wintery clothes in sizes 6-12, and some spring/summer clothes in 12+. We are loving knit tights around here, and definitely don't have enough. I love throwing those on under her pants, an extra layer, and I don't have to worry about her socks falling off all day! Another great, easy gift would be books. What was your favorite childhood storybook?

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Holly said...

Have you seen the felt/wool "food" at IKEA? Wicked cute!
My favorite book is the Lorax by Dr Seuss...it teaches kids to take care of their environment. It's fantastic!