Thursday, June 30, 2011


Poor poor Mike.
Severe allergies
a cold coming on .
He has been sleeping in the loft to avoid getting baby sick.
If in fact he is sickly.

What a great day I've had.
I woke up early early.
said farewell to the mister.
Hazel and I had feeding and cuddle time.
She slept some more.
I watched her.
I spent a bit on the computer,
and then around 2 HOURS trying to get out the door.
Hazel slept the entire time.
I had a lot of things to prepare.
We traveled to a friend's house In Heber.
A fellow homebirthing momma
of a dear little four year old girl named charlie
who I think loves babies, but also loves attention, so sometimes does not love babies.
Oh, Charlie. four year olds are so honest.
She said maybe she'll like babies in a few years, but right now they just bother her.
Funny girl.
We made peach and apple cobbler in canning jars.
tall ones and short ones. short ones work best, FYI.
next week we will try mangoes.
We both have a surplus, from out Bountiful Basket.
We finished them just in time, I wrapped a few up all pretty as a gift for Cathy.
My last postpartum visit. Sad day.
Hopefully Cathy and I will stay in touch, be friends.
I picked up my husband, who I didn't kiss or hug hello
In case he is sick.
We drove to the valley.
Mike wrote a lovely thank you note
We gave her a beautiful piece of artwork, along with the cobbler and note.
She gave us a perfect book.
She and the student midwife Liz marveled over our little Hazel.
Perfect, everyone says it.
More beautiful than most babies. They see a lot of babies.
I knew it.
A little over ten pounds, our baby girl.
thats a 3 pound gain. 1/2 lb a week.
We had a lovely visit.
We love Cathy.
Liz too.
We've only met her twice, but there is something about midwives.
Next up: Yanni's for greek food. Yum!
Then home, with a quick stop off at another friend's for a breif hello.
Flooding is getting worse.
I've been optimistic, but we might not be getting in or out tomorrow.
Rising and Rising.
Mike dropped me off, and decided it's best to leave the car out, in case we have to hike out tomorrow.
He drove it back through the flood, out to the road.
Hazel haad bath time
Her favorite time of day.
I finally got to eat my cobbler
and now the two people I love best are sound asleep.

Life is good

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cathmom said...

Makes me happy to have been part of your good day. I LOOOVE my picture! Love your family. No doubt. We will stay connected. We are friends. We are kindred.