Friday, June 10, 2011

Things Im grateful for today

I've found that Im a happier person when I write down a few things I am grateful for, usually in my journal, but why not here on the blog?

My family. My new little family, and my old big family.

Spending more time with my Momma. for the last two or three months we have spent at least a day a week together, and since hazey was born, more like two or three days a week. In college I hardly saw her, or talked to her, and I probably never told her, but I really missed her. Mom and Dad- sorry if I only called you when I needed something. I should have called you more, to tell you about my day, or just to say I love you. I do love you, both of you so so much.

Hazel's birth. Im sure everyone is about sick of hearing about it by now, but I didn't feel like I had accomplished much in my life. I wasn't sure I was capable of doing something so hard. I did it, and I love myself for it. I love my body, It is so strong, and it grew a perfect baby. Then I performed this seemingly impossible feat of getting her out of me, through a passageway too small for her to even fit through, and I did it naturally!

The sun! I am so grateful every day that the sun comes out, and it gets warm! It was such a long cold winter, and I really needed all of this sunshine.

Mike. He comes home from a long work day, and I should have the laundry done, and be getting dinner ready, but I don't. He usually ends up making dinner, and changing the laundry, and he doesn't complain. He is always asking me if I'm doing okay, telling me how great I'm doing with Hazel, and trying to make sure I am happy. He is so, so amazing.

The Lack of TV. Getting rid of our Cable is the best thing we've ever done. Now if I would just get off the internet, maybe I would lead a productive life.

Living in the most beautiful place in the world. I take this for granted. I dream of living elswhere. Somewhere with neighbors....somewhere walking distance to grocery stores and parks. But then I look out the window. I wouldn't give up this view, this peaceful spot in nature, where so many people wish  they could live, for any of that.

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