Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chubby Cheeks.

Baby girl is sleeping next to me.
Happy smmiles and baby giggles are escaping from her little face.
I never knew babies giggled in their sleep.
It fills my heart.
Soon she will giggle when she is awake.
That will be like music to my ears.
I am patiently waiting for those belly laughs, and tickling.
I'm soaking it all in.

Our river has been flooding. Rising and rising, until it turned into two rivers, and then three.
All across our dirt road to the cabin.
It's amazing.
The river has completely overwhelmed it's banks.
It is raging through th wetland next to it, over and around bushes and trees.
I actually really love seeing the river like this.
It's so powerful.
I love the sound.

This little town will be crowded next week.
I used to love crowds.
Not so much now....except sometimes.
We'll see.

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