Friday, June 17, 2011

My, How Life Changes

Was Reminiscing about the old days.
Oh how I loved those days.
My Apartment.
Me, thinking I'm all that.

Ridiculous parties,
way too young
Going out every night,
sleeping in every day.
Freedom, for the first time.

No worries.
All fun and games.

I did quite a few really stupid things back then.
Im glad I did them.
 I learned a lot.
I had loads of fun.
The me back then makes the now me who I am.

Nostalgia can be a bad thing, if it creeps in at the wrong times. I miss those days. I miss the City.
I miss the old fun.

The new fun is even better, and will get better and better.
Being a momma.
Watching Mike being a Dad.
My parents being grandparents.
The new fun is having the things I have always wanted.
A husband who takes care of me.
A magical baby girl, to show the world to.
A house of our own, to make into our home.

I have so much fun to look forward to.

Some important things:
Hold on to the good things, let go of the bad.
Always forgive.
Talk about how you really feel, with someone who really cares.
If you want good friends, be a good friend.
Own up.
Try to understand other people-really understand them. How their different circumstances and experiences form different opinions. Instead of begrundging those differences, learn about them. Admire them.
Try not to depend too much on tehnology.
Ask Questions.
Read-books, not websites.
Love your family.

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