Friday, November 5, 2010

November here I come

Something to be thankful for: My Grandpa, who we all call Papa, fell last week and broke his femur! OUCH! That's not the part I'm grateful for, but the part I am is that Papa had his surgery which went very smoothly, and he was moved from the hospital to the rehab center yesterday.
I would be so much better at blogging if I would remember to take my camera anywhere. You know, the new, wonderful camera that I haven't even touched since our honeymoon.

I'm almost feeling better from this first trimester hell I've been in for the last few months. I keep thinking, "oh I'm feeling so much better", and then comes the tummy aches and vomit. ANY day now I'm supposed to stop feeling this way. I'm very impatient, and am too eagerly awaiting our next ultrasound. It's hard when you're not sure what's happening in there, I'm constantly wondering if something really is in fact growing and flourishing, or if it has stopped, and It's little heart beat is no more. Maybe that is a sad morbid thought, but it's my thought.

On to better and brighter things
We totally scored a free crib, AND the wonderful family I nanny for has offered to give us their BOB stroller in May. That means that the two most expensive, and more important things are wiped off of the list. Now I just have to be patient and wait for spring, when you will find my pregnant ass at every yard sale in park city, bartering over the barely-used overpriced baby Items that I'm going to get for a real bargain. Park city is definitely the place to score great deals.

This week I've been glued to the computer screen, and wasting a lot of time, but I do stumble upon some pretty awesome things on the World Wide Web. Here are some of them :

I stumbled upon This blog post by a wonderful Mom about her son's awesome Halloween costume, and other people's not-so-awesome reaction.

A Cup of Jo a blog by a New York mom and magazine writer, is a daily read. LOVE it

This Picture of this mom's new baby

These PERFECT Halloween Costumes:


Strawberry Shortcake

Halloween must be one of the most perfect days of the year when you have kids.
I'm pretty excited for it.

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