Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's been forever
I just havent been able to find the motivation to post lately
or to do much of anything really
but there is some catching up to do.

The trip was amazing, and the wedding was perfect.

we got home and had to work hard to get ready for the party.

It was wonderful and we are so grateful to everyone for helping out.
We are glad it's over so we can relax.

I got a part time job to supplement the income I have been Making from Nannying.
The nannying job was unexpected, and turned out so great. I wasn't looking forward to a summmer job, and nannying was perfect. I'm making more money nannying then I would at a full time job anyways, and it's money we dont want to pass up. Plus I really love the boys, and caring for them is fun and easy.

So I got a part time job at Knead A message working as a receptionist. Want to hear something great? I get FREE massages!

so far it's great.

1 comment:

megan said...

can i have one of your free massages?
i think that would be great.