Saturday, September 4, 2010

so far, so good.....sort of

We left SLC on our adventure around 5:00Here's mike at around 6:00
Luckily around 8 we ran across a les schwab. it was closed but the guys were still there and were nice enough to fix our tire.

it got late, and we got tired, so we pulled of I80 in battle mountain and immediately pulled over and set up camp.

Little did we know, we were only 50 feet from the railroad tracks. I only woke up from the outrageous noise and the rumbling ground about 4 times, but mike says that at least 7 or 8 trains went by.

Mike getting payback (or at least it made him feel that way)

Hours later, we got to Mt. Shasta. It was an amazing view of the mountain. Mike has summitted, and skied off of Mt. Shasta.

We drove for about 5 hours Thursday, and 11 Saturday before we arrived in Bandon, OR. we met up with Mike's Cousin Asher and his wife Maria there, and had a nice Dinner.
Early this morning we left for Port Orford which is only about 40 minutes Away.
We scouted out the wedding location and decided on a wonderful place, and picked up the flowers from the florist, who is also the volunteer fire chief here, so she gave me some cool gear to give to my dad since he is also a fireman.
we are getting married tomorrow!
I can't believe it.


megan said...

awesome man!

Mike said...

Wishing you a most memorable day. Travel safe and come home with lots of wonderful memories.
Love to you both.