Tuesday, October 19, 2010

clean house

I have always been a horrific house cleaner.
What can I say? I hate cleaning.
As much as i want to walk into a clean house every night
I just can't bring myself to keep it clean.
It's a constant battle.
I came up with a system.
Clean a room a day, every day except Sunday.
Tuesday-Living room
Thursday-bathroom and Laundry Room (both small rooms)
Saturday-Closet (which is really a room all it's own)

So far so good. It's only been two days.
I hope I can keep this up.
One room at a time is a lot less overwhelming to conquer
than the entire house in a day.
I'm hoping that after the first week, things will stay pretty tidy, and I will simply have to de-clutter, dust, and vacuum the rooms.

We'll see.

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