Sunday, August 15, 2010

new stuff!

the last few months have been full of wonderful new things. Im not sure if ya'll know this, but I Love new things!

first off, our computer crashed, so we got a new one. It works SOOO much better than the old one.

Then mike surprised me with a new mountain bike! New bikes for both of us, and we have been doing so much riding!

and third, we bought a new camera. A Nikon d3000. I don't know anything about photography, but the new camera makes it easy to get a great picture. Mike took some photography classes back in the day, before digital SLRs, so he knows quite a bit about photography, so we are both learning a lot with this new camera. Hopefully it will mean lots and lots of wonderful photos from our wedding/honeymoon trip, and our party :)
I took this picture of our doggie Uintah with it.
Isn't she the cutest, most perfect dog in the world?
You'd think so if you knew her.

lastly, I had a wonderful wedding shower yesterday at Grandma Perkin's house. It was so much fun and im so grateful to everyone who came. I got some pretty kick ass stuff, like a rice cooker, an awesome 3 way grill, the pans I wanted from world market, and a few other great things for our home.


megan said...

no no no. unita is my dog.

kaelee said...

who takes her on walks, pays for her food, and brushes her hair? not you. Us, we do.
she was your dog
she is our dog