Monday, August 23, 2010

bits of our home

Here are some of my favorite parts of our house. It's all a work in progress. Mike has done some amazing things, and I am just trying to add a little of my style and ideas to the place. We love where we live. These pictures area ll of the main level only. None yet of the loft, or basement.
Here it is:

Oakley city recently got some recycling dumpsters. We tried to recycle before, but since we take all of our trash to the dumpsters, instead of it being picked up, we hadn't been too regular about it. the nearest place to drop it off would have been in park city, or heber. I KNOW we should have just done it. It wouldn't have taken much effort, but we suck, and we didn't.
NOW we have a recycling dumpster just down the road! Yaya! so i bought these awesome burlap recycling bags from World Market (love) don't they go great in our kitchen?
do you love the corrugated metal???

We didn't have enough room in any of our cabinets
and I'm really pushing for more open storage around here
to make the room look bigger
so I hung the pans
to show mike how great
open shelving and storage
really is
as well as to make more room in the only under-counter
cabinet we have
for uglier things like cookie sheets
and rice cookers.
our lovely mix of jarred goods, and antique kitchen accessories
I must have forgotten when taking the pictures
how amazing our antique grinder is
that is attached to the end of the counter with a vice-like device.
you can almost see it there in the corner.
I'll have to put a picture up later

One of my very most favorite things in our home
is this lovely old white Norge, which is really a vintage
My mom found it at the dump a while back
and gave it to us recently
because it is SO perfect for our cabin
the lid comes off, and it has drains in the bottom
maybe someday we will convert it into our kitchen sink?
Our little old stove
which will probably have to go someday
but i'm trying to convince mike to just get it rewired and such
because I love it
even if mike says it's not big enough for a turkey.
(how often does a person cook an ENTIRE turkey?)
And the custom shelf mike built
when i said the glasses needed to be next to the sink.
Love him!
Yet another thing my mother gave us
this beautiful rocking chair
on the underside it reads
made in slovenia
plus the chalkboard mike made
as well as daisies
because I love em
Disclaimer: i did not clean to take pictures
so the couch looks shabby
an dthe coffee table cluttered
but Mike built the couch
and coffee table
so they needed to be featured.
I toldya he was handy
Our deck. I love our table, and our view. Don't you?
we will be getting some new chairs, when the perfect ones come along.
The highest point on our cabin.
Mike built these awesome storm doors for the window.
Isn't he great?
The Ladder to our bedroom
which will not always we our bedroom
It will someday be a kids room
and if we do the remodel we've been talking about
then it will be the entertainment room.
The border around the ladder was the first project we did together. we were originally just going to do rocks and wood rounds, but then I spotted the spare tiles sitting by the door and decided to bust them up with the hammer. Then mike had this little love token sitting in a bowl of knick-knacks. It's my favorite part of the project.

except maybe where we carved our initials in before it dried :)
we still have some trim work to do.

The old sewing machine table my mom gave me, and dodee's sewing machine, which is just a temporary fixture. I borrowed it to do some projects, but it looks great there. The Dave Matthews band poster and Ikea lamp are also temporary, as well as the green colored wall.
The kitchen sink, we have a few of those antique apothecary bottles throughout the house for flowers. I think daisies will be a permanent thing. We both love them.

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