Tuesday, August 10, 2010


What Mike and i want for our wedding gifts and such, and I hate not knowing what to buy someone, and sitting at the store wondering what they would want/need, I'm just going to make it easy for you. now, we will like anything you give us, and don't feel obligated to buy anything on this list. as a matter of fact we'll like you if you don't get us anything at all! This is just to help you out if you are wondering what we would like.

We have a house that mike has lived in for 6 years, so its fully furnished and we have a lot of the stuff we need already. It's a cabin, and when we are done with the re-decorating it will have off-white walls, and dark stained wood. we have some cool vintage old farmhouse looking stuff in it, like galvanized buckets and old metal milk cartons, vintage glass bottles, shabby furniture with paint chipping off of it, stuff like that. just to give you an idea of the kind of look we're going for.

of course we would always appreciate everyday things that we spend $ on every month. also, Kitchen, Bath, or Queen sized bed linen. good colors of anything for our house are white, dark brown, tan, light blue, and light green. maybe a little splash of yellow as well. Baskets in all shapes and sizes for organizing around the house. We've been really really wanting a Big white or cream colored shaggy rug, like a 5 by 7.

We just got new mountain Bikes, so anything pertaining to that, like water bottle holders, sweet mtn. bike gloves/attire would be tight. other outdoorsy stuff like headlamps, camelbaks, a 2 person all season tent, any sort of climbing gear, camping gear, or snow gear. basically whatever is at REI we'll like. one thing we can ALWAYS use, living where we do, is a nice pair of smartwool ski socks :)

These are the stores we shop at most often:
Home Depot
World Market

I also have quite a few sewing projects around the house I have been meaning to do, so like a gift cert to JoAann's would be good.

here's a list of some specific things I have been eying

World Market:
Bath towels, the tan ones with white leaves
Pans with a removable rubber grip so that they can transfer from stovetop to oven
this cute trivet, in either color

Ribba Frames in dark brown or silver, any size. we will need frames for our wedding photos!!
these little vasesand a few of these ones.
here are some great pantry jars we would love, in any of the sizes

these sheet sets in off-white or light brown would be great

this is a beautiful quilt, something like this would match our house perfectly.

So I hope this gives ya'll a better idea, and if it doesn't, you are totally allowed to ask me questions.

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Mandy said...

Dude, congrats, by the way. I haven't seen you crazy kids in a while now, so GOOD ON YA! :)