Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm getting married
to a wonderful person.

He loves me for who I am
deals with my shit
and takes care of me.

what else could a girl ask for?
but I forget that sometimes.
I ask for a lot
and I don't need it
and haven't earned it.
I'm learning.

here's the basics on Mike, just so ya'll know more about him
he's super strong
and a hard worker.
he has worked at the canyons for like 17 years
Making snow, driving snow cats
and doing lots of skiing.

in the summers he built ski lifts
which is a crazy hard and dangerous,
but super cool job.

now he works for basin recreation
as a trail manager
He's never really had a full time year round job
with benefits until now.
He loves it.
sometimes he gets paid to ride bikes,
which is pretty lucky.

he also works for a cat skiing operation
called park city powder cats
on the weekends in the winter.
they take people skiing just a few miles up the road from our cabin,
in Weber canyon
and it's better skiing than at any ski resort
he took me once.

He's super handy, and is a total
do it yourself-er
and he's good at doing things himself.
He can weld stuff,
build stuff out of wood,
and he can run pretty much any machine.
he can even operate cranes.

He used to be way into dirt biking
like crazy dirt biking.
when he was a kid, he lived in Maryland
and played soccer.
he even went to Europe in some tournaments.
He's always been an athlete.

He really loves dogs
especially his old guy whoka (hookah)
who died this spring.

Mike looks tough
but he's a total softy
and I can't wait to marry him.

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megan said...

haha total softy...