Sunday, May 6, 2012

Up late, cutting out dolls. Lots and lots of dolls. Hazel sleeps well when I am with her, but when I am not, she wakes every few hours, ( I don't mind this because I generally sleep with her, and we both sleep so well that way) so here I am at 3 in the morning, nursing her to sleep so that I can get back to doll-cutting. Her Birthday dolly turned out smaller than the dolls I have made previously. The reason is that I started with the doll dress, and when I finished that it was tiny, so I made Hazel a tiny version of the doll I had made before that would fit into the tiny dress O had made, and I quite liked the size of it. Now I am making some tiny-sized lumberjack dolls with full beards, and they have little carhart style pants on with a hammer-loop! I'm usually a fast sewer, which means I forget about the little details, and am not careful about my seam allowances, and straight lines. I am slowing down with these dolls. I want them to be good. Like Hazel's Birthday dress. That little dress is my masterpiece. I went slow. I followed the steps. I kept my seam allowance, and sewed good lines. I even Ironed it once.....Anyways, the point is, the dolls, they will be good.

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