Saturday, May 12, 2012

 My baby turned into a KID! I'm really not sure when that happened. These days she will play and play, so long as I m nearby. She learns so much by observing us, and she is always surprising us with little things she knows and understands. Here she is wearing her necklace. I don't wear necklaces, and we have never shown her how to put a necklace on, but she just knows. She likes to put purses over her shoulder, and try to walk as well, which is really quite adorable.

This girl loves to cuddle, but on her terms. She will cuddle you, but if you want to give her  good squeeze, forget it!

I stayed up all night last night crafting. This is the disaster that happens when I craft. Seriously.
 But I finished a few dolls, and started another. A friend is buying this lady to give away at a baby shower. She is the Fifth doll I have made.
 And here is Hazel's Birthday doll my third dolly). I couldn't wait until her birthday to give it to her though, and it is already a very well loved doll. She is nice and dirty, and goes everywhere with us. Hazel loves to chew on her felt hair...
 Hazel's dress, Finally Hemmed up:
 This will be doll six, and after a very frustrating day of working on her, I will have to pick apart her side seams because I didn't quite catch her arms and sleeves completely. when I finish her, i think I may finally list her in an etsy shop. She is the first doll I have made that isn't spoken for.
 and here, doll 4, the lumberjack. Still not perfect, but getting there. I am loving his full face beard though, that's a design that is definitely here to stay. I'm thinking though, that his suspenders shouldn't match his pants? Perhaps red, or black suspenders would be better
Anyways, after a long night of crafting, a long sleepy day, in which I bonked my head very, very hard, and then a VERY late evening tidying up, it is definitely time for me to get some sleep. Goodnight!

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