Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Few Thank Yous

Thank you to the woman in TJ Maxx who helped me pick up the contents of my purse when Hazel dumped it out. Thank you to the cashier who put the scattered contents of my wallet, my phone, and my keys in the shopping bag while I struggled with my screaming child. Thank you to the person who ripped a (easily repairable) hole in the perfect pair of black skinny jeans that I couldn't afford, so that I could get them for 15 dollars. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to whoever designed the extremely flattering swimsuit that I have been searching for, and then only priced it at $35. Thank you to Hazel for reminding me that by having a child I agreed to put that child's needs above my own, and reminding me that that means NOT being on a shopping outing during nap-time. Thank you to Mike for letting me vent.Thank you to Hazel for sleeping the whole way home, and being delightful upon waking up. Thank you to whoever in the universe granted me the patience not to have a mental breakdown in public. Thank you to ANYONE who will take Hazel for an hour next time I want to go shopping. ANYONE?

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Amen to the good people who help us crazy moms when our kids are even crazier. Not kidding, you bring Hazel to our house next time you're itching for a shopping outing in Utah County. My girls would LOVE a playdate.

And yay! for a new AND flattering suit. That's the best.