Saturday, May 5, 2012

I have  feeling that there will be a lot of new developments in the next few weeks. Hazel is really starting to "get" things. She has said "uh-oh" for some time now, but only recently has she understood that you say it when you drop something, and not every time she drops something you hear "uh-oh". One day I noticed her throwing things. I thought this was just something she figured out on her own, but mike informed me he has been teaching her to play catch. She can give Hi-fives and kisses. She has started throwing some pretty outrageous tantrums:. Observe:

She has been standing for about two weeks, but she refused to take steps while you held her hand. she just wasn't interested. She is beginning to develop her little personality, and it is very apparent that she doesn't want any help from anyone with anything. she wants to do her way, and on her own, so as soon as you try to help her walk she is over it. Today though, she began to take steps all on her own. she'd take a few and then tumble onto her bum. She got up to five! FIVE whole steps! I have always thought it looked pretty surreal to see tiny babies walking. It is even more surreal to see my own baby doing it. She is pretty determined, and she worked on walking all evening, so I am betting it wont be long before she is running around. Part of me is excited, and part of me is dreading it. That's just how motherhood goes I guess.

Last but not least, I have introduced her to the potty. I figured it is never too early. I have been talking to her a lot more about using the potty, and when I change her I sit her on it. I try to give her naked time, and pay enough attention to stick her on the potty before she goes, but it hasn't been working too well. She is definitely interested in the potty, but just not in going potty IN it. she likes to put her toys in it actually, and I think she thinks I am playing a game when I put her on it, but that's okay. I have gotten her to pee in it once or twice, but poop is easier because she does this little yoga pose when she s pooping, so I am  lot more aware of when she does that, and i am able to get her to the potty beforehand. I will keep doing it, and she will get it soon enough. 

In the Montessori book I have it talks about children's "sensitive periods". There are certain orders of development, and times when they are sensitive to certain things are the best time to teach them. for example when they become interested in something it will often manifest as them making messes or getting into mischief, when really they are trying to learn and accomplish something, and help you. When they begin tossing things in and out of cupboards in the kitchen it is because they want to help you put things away. They are mimicking you. When they learn to take their clothing off it is a good time to teach them to put them on by themselves. If they begin playing in the potty, it is because they are interested in it, and it is  good time to begin teaching them. On average this potty sensitivity occurs between 12 and 15 months. They are generally very susceptible to potty training at this time, and it takes much less work than teaching a combative 3 or 4 year old. It is surprising to a lot of people, but I think that most just aren't aware of what small children are capable of, and are enabling them. Montessori is all about independence, and your job as  parent is to teach the child to do things themselves. A Montessori 15 month old is usually capable of dressing himself, putting away small dishes in a drawer or cupboard near them, being potty-trained, putting away their toys. It's all about simplicity really. Simple clothing with velcro fasteners at first, places where things always go, and few toys are key. Another important part is being an example of exactly what the child will be doing. If you want them to carry their plate with both hands, you ALWAYS have to carry your plate with both hands. I need to remember this! I am behind where I would like to be with this. Hazel is right on track, but I am behind. behind with my organization and keeping a daily rhythm for hazel. 

I went on a bit of a tangent there at the end about montessori, oops. Here is my favorite source for Montessori in the home: How We Montessori
I have seriously read through this entire blog about 3 different times, and am amazed at what this kids are capable of at such an early age, and it is because of the Montessori method.

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