Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update on Prop 8

The Mormon church not only supports proposition 8, but members have forked over a total of over 6 million dollars towards the cause!

Better things could have been done with 6 million dollars:
Donate it to a cause that could save millions of people's lives, like cancer and aids foundations, or to starving people in third world countries, to build schools, orphanages, to scholarship funds for the underprivileged.

Maybe they could have put it towards making Utah a more sustainable state? Donate it towards environmentalist causes, in order to educate the Utah population better about heir personal effects (and their 6 kids) on the planet, and how to make up for it, or help out.

Towards developing different sources of energy, hydro or electric cars. Even purchasing smart cars for their own use would have been a good example, a great way to save energy, and would have been better then wasting their money on Prop. 8

I know plenty of people, especially LDS youth here in UT, who are too immature to be married, and too ignorant to be parents, and yet they are because this culture supports it. There are plenty of gay people on this planet, and in this country, and in this state, that have more right to be married, or be parents then many of the incapable straight people who already are!

At least gay people who wanted to be parents wouldn't be contributing to overpopulation, instead they could adopt a child that needed a home. But apparently that is not acceptable, it is better for people to get married at 19 and 20, when they know nothing about the world outside of UT and start popping out babies like it has no effect on the planet.

This is ridiculous!

6 million dollars could have helped improve impoverished people's lives!

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