Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Coming Home!


I applied for some jobs at ski resorts. As immature as it may seem to leave college after fall semester, to be a lifty or ski bum, that is totally what i am doing.

I am so excited to move to Salt Lake, into a great apartment with my best friend Ellen, and have my dream job! There are so many things about living in Salt Lake that i have missed. Things i wouldn't miss if i had moved anywhere else but Logan, like Eggs Benedict. There isn't a single place in Logan that has a good Eggs Benedict! There are no Crepes either. yum, I love crepes.

other things that Logan lacks:

good employment
anything good open after 10 (except for wal mart and rancheritos, yuck!)
a little cafe with delicous healthy food
Whole foods market

those are some things that i'd rather not live without.....

It will also be nice to have some money. Right now it is a struggle to buy food, after having to pay for school, housing, and bills all on a part-time job and student loans.

I feel like life will be a little less stressful, and i will be a little happier :)

only a little over a month until I am back in Salt Lake, and hopefully working at a resort so i can Snowboard for free EVERY DAY!

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