Wednesday, November 16, 2011


*I don't wear necklaces. EVER.
*I have the worst dandruff known to mankind. Sometimes. Only in the winter, but I have tried EVERYTHING.
*I will probably never stop biting my nails.
*I don't own much jewelery.
*I like 80's stuff.....a lot, even though I'm not generally bold enough to wear it.
*I wish I could dress fancy, but I don't ever have a reason to.
*I have no Idea what it means when people put this # in front of what they type.....
*I feel like I never have anything clever or witty to say.
*I haven't REALLY exercised since I had a baby.....or since way before that. I mean, I've walked, and Hiked, swam a little here and there, but worked up a real sweat? Yeah folks, it's been like a year. Or so.
*Today I REALLY, REALLY laughed. Like when are having a sleep over you can't stop and you almost pee your pants and you have to sit on the ground so you don't. Over nothing.
It. Felt. So. Good. (Thanks, mom)
*I feel great about my body. Really, really great.
*Hazel is still wearing the clothes I put on her before bedtime yesterday.
*I REALLY miss people.
* Sad movies, even GREAT sad movies, they ruin my day......sometimes week.
* I'm searching for something, someone, somewhere
*I'm not a fan of shirts with words on them.
*I haven't left Hazel with anyone for more than ninety minutes ever, the whole six months she has been alive. Once my mom took her on like a ninety minute walk. Once I took a placement exam and she stayed in the car with mike. Once I left her at my dads for like twenty minutes. She's never even touched a bottle.....I just haven't felt the need. Also, I have never even tried to have her sleep in her own bed. She's just always been right here next to me. Every night. And we sleep like babies.
*I'm always worried about missing out on something. I always want to be out doing something fun all the time, but I hardly ever am.
*I am the epitome of disorganization.

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