Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

A husband who works hard all day, only to come home to a messy house, and make me dinner. AND do the dishes.

A friend who lives just a canyon over, a few miles away, instead of an hour away. 

A Mom who lives right outside my front door (for the winter) and spends her days off working on MY projects around MY house and for MY baby, instead of all the many projects she needs to complete. she keeps me sane.

Siblings. I can't imagine not having grown up with them, and each of them are so special to me.

A dad who is always there to talk to, who drives an hour just to visit me, and bring me lunch.

And a little girl, to whom my mistakes and shortcomings mean nothing. Who at the end of the day wants nothing more that to cuddle up with me and fall to sleep.

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