Tuesday, April 5, 2011

updated list of baby stuff we want/need

We don't have any bottles yet, but want the Medela ones that go with our (cringe) breast pump. Two words I have been seriously avoiding saying, but there it is.

We don't have any Pacifiers either. We could use some more swaddling blankets, like the ones by Aiden & Anais, which conveniently they just started selling at Target!

We would definitely love any of these cute little summery outfits that have been popping up in stores, such as dresses and rompers. We are over our heads in onesies, but mostly hand me downs from boys, so we don't have super girly ones. I have also seen some adorable summery leggings and tiny pants and shorts that i love. Here are some cute things:

we plan on doing a lot of swimming so swimsuits in any size would be great. I think baby cardigans are the cutest thing in the world. I spotted some Tiny jelly sandals @ old navy, and I think those are also the cutest thing in the world, although I understand that a baby who cannot walk wearing sandals is kind of silly.

We have a few toys here and there, but not really any tiny baby toys like teethers or rattles.

We don't have any baby body products, but are kind of picky-Burt's bees Baby, California Baby, and Aveeno baby products would all work.

we don't have a little baby first aid/hygiene kit.

we could use more:
Burp cloths
pre-fold cloth diapers
disney movies
baby washcloths

And if you think of anything you think I might need, or you couldn't have lived without, or just see something that you can't resist buying for me-than that would be a great gift as well :)

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