Monday, April 11, 2011

More of Our Home

Someone thought it was crazy that I was climbing up and down a ladder to get to my bedroom while pregnant. They suggested I post a picture:

Here are some more photos of our room, mostly finished now. This should give you a better idea of the layout.
I was standing at the bottom of the ladder when I took this photo.

The sign above our bed is from our wedding party. It sat around in the shed for a while, and one day I thought It might look good in the house somewhere, so I pulled it out and nailed it up.
We built the crib as a co-sleeper. It has 3 sides, and the 4th matches right up to our bed.
we did this for a few reasons. One, the crib we had been given was a normal sized crib, but took up a lot of space, which we don't have, so we decided something built in would be more efficient for our small space. Another reason is that I didn't feel good about baby being so far away, alone in a crib. If I was a baby, I would be scared to wake up and find myself all alone, and of course I would cry. I felt that way before I even read about Co-sleeping, which you can read about Here, Or here.
The photo doesn't show it very well, but the mattresses fit together really very tightly with no gaps, so it is very safe. Also, Mike sanded and rounded all of the edges of everything, so there's nothing sharp or rough here, and I will rethink the decor above the crib as she gets bigger and starts reaching for things. Also, I do not plan on leaving my child in her "crib" when I am not in the room, so the railing is not to contain her, rather for safety. I don't need to hear about how easily a child could get out of this crib, because that is actually kind of the point.

I am still making the curtain that will go here, so that we can use the space below for storage.


 I just framed 2 small cut outs from larger photos that I printed off of the computer, as well as the Heart, which is a card from Rifle Paper Co which I gave to mike for V-day. Then I put some of the extra fabric from the crib sheets that my mom and I made into embroidery hoops.

I made the Mobile out of a embroidery hoop, hemp rope, and paper flowers.

This area is still unfinished, but I'm posting photos regardless.
Our bedroom was kind of set up so that it could have been like a basement apartment, so there is a little sink and counter in it.  Perfect for a baby changing and bathing area right?
And this Ikea Trofast storage combo fit perfectly into this funny space.

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