Monday, April 25, 2011

Here one day, gone the next

Mike and I arrived home from a lovely Easter celebration at Dodee's. We came up form the warm valley, and some sunlight to a gloomy rainy cloudy snowy canyon that is our home. I was grumpy about the rain, so decided to take a bath to relax. It didn't work, I was stressed out. I got out and went to the computer. I didn't think it would cheer me up or anything, it rarely does. I was right it didn't, but what I found did humble me. Upon logging in to my Blogger account, and scanning through the blogs I follow I noticed that the midwife, Cathy,who is to assist my midwife Briana at our homebirth had posted an entry on her blog. I began reading it, and I had to re-read a few sentences before I understood. Our midwife, Briana, had Died in a rollover just yesterday. Go here to read the post: Breath Peace
or here to read the news story

We spent about an hour or so in shock and confusion, wondering what to do next before Cathy gave us a call. She is amazing. In a time that must be very difficult for her, she called us to assure us that everything would be fine and she would be there for us when the time came to have our baby. This woman had an enormous impact on so many people's lives, and we had chosen her very carefully to help us with the birth of our baby. We will certainly be missing her physical presence at that birth, but I think she will be there in spirit. We are so lucky to have had her as a caregiver for a short time, She was so excited to meet our baby, and was so good at what she did.

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Katherine X said...

I am sorry! That would be such hard news to receive! That is great though that Cathy was right there to continue in Briana's stead. So excited for you and wishing you the best!