Monday, February 7, 2011


Today we cancelled our Direct Tv.
I asked mike about it this week, I felt like we were wasting too much of our time together watching pointless television shows that we don't even enjoy. I was so surprised when he agreed. I was even more surprised that he was that quick to cancel it.
Here's to spending more quality time doing quality things together.


Jamie said...

Wow, Kaelee. Such a great idea. I think Mike and I are in the same boat a lot -- we end up tuning out to dumb tv shows that we don't even care about. Definitely a big time waster. I just don't know if i dare cancel since it's a lifesaver with Annie sometimes.

megan said...

yeah! i love not watching TV
i'm way more productive..
and it annoys my roommates that i don't watch it, so that's good.
it annoys them because i don't want to pay for it.

i am so immature.