Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I posted a while ago that I was totally freaked out by birth. Since then I've been doing quite a bit of reading, and I've decided that Birth is nothing to be afraid of. In fact i'm feeling pretty excited and confident about it all. I've learned a lot about the whole process, and have decided that not only the epidural, but pretty much any medication is off the table, including an IV.  They are not even an option unless there are certain special circumstances. I have my reasons for this, and they are good ones. If you want to know what I've been reading, or why I've made these decisions you're welcome to ask me, but i'm not here to preach.

I'm also not here to hear why they are bad decisions, or why your experience with an epidural was wonderful. I especially don't want to hear the terrible story of the birth of your children and how it all went wrong, or how long and grueling and painful it was, so don't tell me.

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megan said...

okay.. i won't tell you about my births.
ALL zero of them.
thank goodness........