Thursday, February 24, 2011

baby's booty

Why our baby girl's booty is going to be the cutest, and most eco-friendly booty there is:

We will not be contributing to this:

 Disposable diapers are full of toxic waste, not meant to be handled in landfills, yet they are the third most common item in landfills around the world. It takes between 200-500 years for diapers to biodegrade, even if they are the biodegradable kind! I will handle my own child's waste, the right way, instead of sending it out for the rest of the world to deal with in a plastic bag. Poo belongs in the toilet, and that is where I will be putting it. Did you know that even if you use disposables, you are supposed to empty the poo into the toilet, so that less toxic waste reaches landfills?

Plus who can argue that cloth diapers aren't in fact a thousand times better looking than disposables?
not too mention statistics show kids who cloth diaper potty-train earlier.
and NO cloth diapering does not mean diaper rash. Leaving your child in any soiled diaper too long is what creates diaper rash.

How hard can it be? (keep in mind that I don't do the laundry until I run out of underwear)
It will be hard, but I feel like this is part of the responsibility of becoming a parent.
Responsibly disposing of their waste.
That is what I intend to do.


megan said...


i'm thinking of starting a business where people sort through landfills.

kaelee said...

that might be a good idea if there wasn't so much poo and blood in ladnfills....