Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Our plans so far:
We are getting married on September 5th in Port Orford Oregon at the Cape Blanco Lighthouse.
Just Mike and I, the Officiant who will marry us, and our photographers who have agreed to be our Witnesses as well. I was extremely stressed out about finding a photographer, but last week we found a couple in Coos Bay. Their gallery is full of beautiful photos, and after speaking with them i was so happy. They made me feel so much better. Even though it's going to be a tiny wedding, I still want plenty of really good photos from it. We've booked them for 3 hours, so we are probably going to take a bunch of pictures here, and then go over to the beach!

We are staying at the Wildspring guest Habitat. There are 5 cabins, and one spa. The cabin we are staying in is so beautiful, and I really can't wait for this Hot tub.

We ordered this dress, It's really a J crew Bridesmaids dress. I wanted something simple, that i knew would look great on me. My mom and I might add some embellishments if i feel like it needs something more, but we'll see.

Mike is planning on wearing his "sexy jeans" and a white shirt and a grey J crew suit vest, and maybe some brown leather sandals. Super casual, and low stress. I am so excited! We love our families, and are excited to celebrate with them when we arrive home, but we really wanted this day to be our own.

We are planning to leave friday, get to port orford Saturday, and stay there for 2 nights. Then we will drive downt he coast, spending one night in Eureka, two nights in San Francisco, two nights at Mike's Dad's house Near San Luis Obispo, and one in Las Vegas before we head home.
We are even getting a little tour of pixar in San Fran (which is closed to the public, but I know someone :)
Mike's Brother is a General Manager of a Westin Hotel in Texas, so he has gifted us a stay at the Palace hotel in San Francisco.
We haven't made plans in Vegas yet, but the number one thing I want to do is get a shrimp quesadilla at TT's at the Luxor. Last time we were in vegas we must have eaten that for lunch and dinner ever day. It was just SOOO delicious!
When we get home, we are planning a Reception/party at our cabin on September 25th. There is a little community pavilion just outside of our driveway. It is going to be so much fun and i hope everyone can come!

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megan said...

so... shall we plan on some showers in july and august? wedding showers..
what kind do you want? hm?
maybe like... i don't know. i guess i'll get better answers on your facebook. more people look there.